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How SALT Safety Walks Can Prevent Crimes

Posted on Oct 31, 2016

Seniors and Law Enforcement Together (SALT), is a partnership of seniors in the community, Toronto Police 42 Division and St. Paul’s L’Amoreaux Centre. SALT is a community volunteer organization developed to meet the needs of seniors in Scarborough by addressing their crime and safety concerns.

By having regular meetings and a Neighbourhood Safety Walk, awareness is raised about potential crime related issues that in turn empowers seniors. Seniors are often taken advantage of and become the target of scams. The more seniors are informed and educated, the better they can apply their knowledge in these scenarios.  

SALT understands the importance of these safety concerns and attends regular workshops based on warning signs and how to remain safe.

With the leadership of a Toronto Police Officer, SALT goes on a Neighbourhood Safety Walk. Safety walks are organized by SALT and is recognized and acclaimed by the Ontario Association of Chief of Police as part of the launch of their 2014 Crime Prevention Campaign.

Throughout the walk, members observe the neighbourhood, and with the help of officers leading the walk, they observe lack of security measures in the neighbourhood, such as open garages, unattended ladders resting on the side of homes, trees blocking entrance ways, and more.  

After observing these safety concerns, members approach the home and address the concerns with homeowners, advising them on what measures can be taken to improve safety. 

Walking groups can report suspicious activities to the Police, discourage unlawful activities, and inform local residences of unsafe practices. Walking groups act as the eyes of the community.

Interested in learning more about SALT and other Health Promotion programs? Contact our Health Promotion Lead, Elsa Uy by contacting us through phone or email at