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Service Disruptions

Posted on Aug 20, 2013

In our committment to ensuring people with disabilities have access to the information they need to make their visit to St. Paul's L'Amoreaux Centre as enjoyable and person centred as possible, we post information about service disruptions both online and around out Centre. Knowing about these disruptions will help you plan your visit to our Centre and ask for any additional support you will need in advance.

Currently there are two service distuptions at St. Paul's L'Amoreaux Centre:

  1. We have a service disruption to our off-site parking at Bridlewood Mall. There is a carnival in the space we usually use as an overflow (the south east corner of the mall parking). Our on-site parking is still available as are our accessible parking spaces at 3333 Finch Avenue East. For overflow please use the parking at Bridlewood Mall near Metro (the south west corner of mall parking nearer to Bridletowne Circle).  For more information please feel free to call 416 493-3333. There are signs posted up around St. Paul's L'Amoreuax Centre and we'd be happy to answer any questions you have. As a reminder this service interruption does not have any impact on our on-site parking, or accessible parking spaces.
  2. We have a service disruption to our washrooms located near the twin elevators (off the hallways leading to the Recreation Room). The washrooms will be out of service until approximately May 12th. During this time please use the washroom by our Customer Service Desk or in the Church. If you need any assistance in understanding the location of the alternative washrooms please see our Customer Service Desk. We will advise you if there is any further delay.

For more information about how we ensure our services are as accessible as possible, please read our Accessibility Information page.